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Welcome to My Passion

My experience in the pizza industry began at a very young age with small part-time jobs; however, at that time I didn’t see them as much more than that. My passion flourished when I began to experiment with different pizzas and sides, adding my own flare to the classic dish.

School was my main priority at that point and the majority of my time was dedicated to my studies which meant my time in the pizza kitchen was limited. 
I excelled in math and my love for the subject led me to begin pursuing a degree in engineering. I spent 3 years studying mechanical engineering technology,
all the while working part time in the pizza industry. Once I graduated, I left my part-time positions and decided to shift my focus entirely to a career in engineering.

I was thrilled to finally be working in the engineering field and to see that all my hard work had paid off, but not too long after this change I realized how much I truly missed working in the pizza industry and it dawned on me that pizza is my true passion. Not only did it make me happy, but it also made me feel comfortable with myself. This realization prompted me to start my own brand; something that allowed me to integrate all of the things I love into a career. Through the union of my passion for pizza, math, and engineering, I present A Slice of Pi.